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  Hi I'm Arjun, I'm an 18yo birder and environment. Though I love all things wild, my main interests lying in birdwatching, conservation, geography, sound recording and environmental campaigning.
I first found my passion for nature after completing the Big Garden Birdwatch when I was 7. However, when I went to Malaysia, to an island called Langkawi, in 2015, my interest grew significantly, with the 3 birders that I met on the island inspiring me to care for the environment more.

  My 'patch' is Morden Hall Park National Trust in South London. I've been visiting the park since 2016, and in January 2018 I joined an 11-24 Ranger Group, set up by the Green Academies Project, that complete active conservation tasks in the park fortnightly to help protect the habitats for the urban wildlife there. 

  Whilst I enjoy birdwatching and photography most of all, the Green Academies Project have provided me with some opportunities in environmental campaigning that I'd never even have dreamt of getting involved in before. In 2019, I've represented the National Trust at a number of events - this includes a march at Parliament to discuss environmental issues with MPs in June. I was also on a panel, alongside 2 other young people, to discuss engaging the next generation with the environment, with the Director General of the National Trust (Hilary McGrady,) the CEO of Iceland (Richard Walker,) and Lord Stern. For this reason I can't thank the people working for the GAP and National Trust enough.

  I'm also proud to be an ambassador for the Cameron Bespolka Trust, a charity who - since 2013 - have been helping to provide young nature-lovers an opportunity to meet other like-minded people at a variety of events, whilst also sitting on the BTO's Youth Advisory Panel. I've also spent time as an ambassador for the #iwill campaign, where I took part in youth social action campaigning to raise awareness for the importance of the environment, as well as the London Wildlife Trust's Youth Forum. After co-leading a project for young people called A Wild Future, I've helped set up a Twitter Account with 3 mates where we aim to promote the importance of birdsound and the science about it to a wider audience, making identification easier.

  I mostly use my blog as a diary-like page where I write about my walks with friends/by myself and what I see. More recently, I've used it for writing about topics important to me, from diversity to sound recording and more. Wherever I go, generally my binoculars come with, and normally my camera too! 

Having the time of my life at Spurn, August 2019

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