Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Sutton Peregrines, March 2017

 As some may be aware there is a pair of Peregrines at Quadrant House in Sutton. Last year they bred successfully with 4 chicks fledging. Both birds were present this month, hunting above oblivious shoppers. These pictures were taken from the Morrison's car park, so aren't great quality.
(The fact that there was a random teenager standing in the middle of the car park made many gawp at me!) A live camera of them can be found here.
Peregrine Falcon


A few recent garden pics - I say 'garden,' but our garden generally doesn't attract as much as our neigbouring few so I count them into the term 'garden' too! (Then again, there have been some 'overhead' highlights like an Osprey in 2014!)

fem Blackcap - been around all winter but left yesterday

Redwing - last remaining Redwings around (at its peak at Christmas up to 200 were in the local gardens.)
Hopefully some spring migrants will come through too in the next month.

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