Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Early April Garden Birding, 2-4th April 2017

Over the past few days, after breaking up for the Easter Holidays, I have spent some time in the garden. Since there have been mostly clear, bright skies, sky-watching has been productive. 3 Buzzards (2 on the 2nd, 1 on the 3rd) have drifted over, one very pale. Also on the 1st, a Red Kite drifted over. 

 Common Buzzards
Common Buzzard
With news of a Goshawk coming over first from Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, then WWT and finally over Beddington Farmlands, I was ready with the camera. At around lunch or so, a bird came through at a fair pace very high up. It drifted around for about a minute, then carried on SW. Although (probably) my first Goshawk, it was not the most amazing view and an awful picture!
On the 2nd, a Wren was busy in the garden preparing a nest nearby and several other smaller birds were around. Butterflies included 5 Peacock, 3 Common Blue and a Small Copper.




Blue Tit
Today, another first for the 'garden' flew over in the shape of a Peregrine.
In the next two weeks, I'm hoping to do a few nature reserve visits - hopefully I can angle a way for a visit to Rainham Marshes!

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