Thursday, 13 April 2017

Regent's Park, 12th April 2017

Yesterday, we went up to London and I went to Regents Park for the majority of the day. Unfortunately I chose probably the worst day in a while to go there, with the Greenland Wheatear no longer around and nothing much showing. Upon arrival towards midday, we started by going to the RSPB stand where they were showing people the nesting Grey Heron's through their scopes.
Grey Heron with young


What's for dessert...
While walking towards the Boathouse Cafe, a striking, large gull came in and really confused me. Gulls are birds which are generally quite hard to distinguish. This bird though was very interesting, resembling parts of a Glaucous Gull. However, it did come in with several Lesser-black Blacks so it's probably just me being hopeful. I would be grateful for any help with this though.

Further on, I was hoping to find a Sedge warbler with two individuals reported. I have 5 reasonably common birds which I am yet to find in my life:
╳Barn Owl               ╳Wheatear               ╳Sedge Warbler
╳Little Owl              ╳ Stonechat         (yes, no Stonechat!)
🗸Short-toed Eagle
🗸Little Bittern
🗸White Stork
So no Sedge Warbler or Wheatear today...
Mistle Thrush

Anyhow, Wrens sang throughout and at least 4 pairs of Mistle Thrush browsed in the grass. I finally got a picture or two of a male Blackcap, which I was relieved to get. 
m Blackcap

When we left in the late afternoon, smaller birds were coming out and I did hear the Sedge Warbler very briefly, but no sighting so it has avoided me yet again. Other than a brief appearance of the breeding Kestrels and 2 Chiffchaff, all was quiet.

Egyptian Geese 
One of the young Grey Herons popped out of the nest, and was about to take off (or so it seemed) but when a Carrion Crow leapt up at it it seemed to prefer its nest!

Grey Heron juvenile
With 4 days left of holiday, hopefully I can get one more chance to spot something.  


  1. Pink legs, and some black on the tail so it looks to me like a herring gull, possibly 3rd year. Back is too light for lesser bl bk gull. Enjoying your blog keep up the good work. Rainham should get you some of those missing birds apart from Wheatear which is pot luck unless you head North

  2. Thanks.
    My gull ID is awful so thanks a lot for the help.
    Rainham is quite far but I generally try to go wherever I can when possible!