Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Garden Birding in late May

With the sun reappearing again, I've been spending a little time in the garden, sitting on a chair staring up at the sky. A steady flow of mostly Herring Gulls have been around, as well as the local Swifts which are swirling around non-stop at the moment. A pair of Sparrowhawk have often appeared, and local birds are nesting again.
m Sparrowhawk

Gull sp. (Herring?)

juv Greenfinch


One thing, like many intermediate nature-lovers, that I can't get my head around too well are gulls. If all the gulls seen here in Britain lined up next to each other, I would possible get ID right. But this definitely needs a lot of work!


  1. Hi Arjun Another great post have another look at your f House Sparrow...p381 Collins see what you think?

  2. Only noticeable thing is the beak, which is completely pink with no black. I don't have the Collins, just had a look in some other books.
    Have you noticed anything?

    1. Have a look at juv Greenfinch.... (The green wash down the chest and belly with streaking which extends around the neck. Eye large with pink bill, slight fork in long tail).

  3. Thanks Kojak.
    Corrected now.
    Also, yesterday a raptor flew very high north at a fair pace over my house, looking like a Buzzard but flew like a Kite.
    I'll put some pictures on a post later on.

  4. There are a lot of juvenile birds fledging at this time. Quiet a few tits in the nest boxes and a few being processed in the nets. They can be tricky to id but its a good opportunity to familiarise yourself with them. Keep checking the raptors the odd Honey Buzzard appears around this time of year. Good Birding!