Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Morden Hall Park 23-May-17: An array of Warblers

Today we visited Morden Hall very briefly in the afternoon for a stroll. The park seemed much more wild than before, with reeds and nettles springing up 6 foot above the ground. On the way to the boardwalk, several common species hustled around collecting food for young. 

Blue Tit
As we approached, the Cetti's Warbler exploded into song, but hid from view for the hour I was there. After eating, the slightly unexpected song of a Reed Warbler came from the reeds. It showed among the reeds, but only in brief intervals. 

Reed Warbler #1

Reed Warbler #1
A Blackcap posed on a branch, and several Chiffchaff sang away in the treetops. A one-call appeared from a distant Willow Warbler, as did a single piece of song from a Whitethroat. 

m Blackcap

The single Reed Warbler turned into a pair, and a Reed Bunting flew off further into the reeds. A possible first for 2017 with 3 calls from a Hobby, but not clear enough for a tick (yet!) All in all, a successful visit to a park within reach of Morden! 
Reed Warbler #2

Reed Warbler #2

Holly Blue

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