Saturday, 29 July 2017

Queen Mary Reservoir Ringing, 29th July 2017

Yesterday I was tearing myself up about whether I should stay nearby and go to the Banstead Woods butterfly walk at 10am or the ringing demonstration at Queen Mary Reservoir at 9am. In the end we opted for the ringing, as it was something which I was planning to learn as part of the BTO and I hadn't done it before. When we got there, we nearly left due to nobody being there; fortunately a treatment works person locking a gate let us in to meet them. Unfortunately we just missed a juvenile Green Woodpecker but managed to see Blackcap (juv, fem, male) in the hand. 

juv Blackcap
Goldfinches came in regularly, as did Great and Blue Tit. 

juv Blue Tit

juv Great Tit

juv Goldfinch
A single Blackbird and Song Thrush came in, and there were a fair few young Robins. 
juv Robin

Song Thrush
It was great to see some of the birds in the hand, with a pair of young Long-tailed Tits in together as well. A few Greenfinches were also around. 3 Wrens came in, with 1 flying back into their store room for a spidery snack! 
juv Long tailed Tits
Fortunately 3 Chiffchaff came in, with 2 of them being juveniles. 
juv Chiffchaff
2 Reed Warblers (including a nest) and 2 Whitethroat excited me. 


(old) Reed Warbler

Reed Warbler1

Reed Warbler2
A highlight was the capture of a tiny Goldcrest, which had evidently just left the nest!

Goldcrest fledgling
However, my highlight was the capture of a travelling Willow Warbler - this is my small bird which I never see (and this is my first for 2 years!)

Willow Warbler adult

Willow Warbler adult
Unfortunately, we didn't get a Kingfisher - last week they had. While being shown the nets there were Common buzzard, Common Terns, Green Woodpeckers and Nuthatches. Painted Ladies, Gatekeepers, Meadow Browns and Common Blues were also noted. 

Painted Lady

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