Sunday, 16 July 2017

A bonanza of Butterflies and Damselflies. 16th July 2017

Over the last week, while I've been playing cricket, I've noticed that all the butterflies and dragonflies have started to come out much more. 
A few days ago a Common and interestingly a Small Blue came through our garden.
Today a Small Skipper came through and landed on the grass, and one of the first Gatekeepers were around.
Small Skipper

In the afternoon, I went for a walk in Morden Hall. It was quiet bird-wise, so other than finding a Grey Wagtail nest, a Wren nest, the Reed Warblers and a pair of Kestrel I focused on the insects.
Two Comma at the front were very showy, a Small Copper flew past, Red Admiral and Peacock dashed around, while Meadow Brown and Gatekeeper were 'guarding the meadows?'
Lots of whites were around but never landed. 


Meadow Brown

Small Tortoiseshell
There were lots of different damselflies, including the below and a Southern Emerald and lots of blues.
Banded Demoiselle

Banded Demoiselle (fem)

Banded Demoiselle

Southern Blue Damselfly
Interesting behaviour from a male Banded Demoiselle, and I have no idea what it was up to. Be happy for suggestions. This is a sequence. 

And a bird pic. 
Grey Wagtail

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