Monday, 11 September 2017

The last week, 5th - 11th September 2017

The last week has been a bit more entertaining to say the least. On Thursday, after spending a boring time in Sutton for most of the morning, I had an hour to do whatever I wanted to. I opted for a quick trip to see what Priest Hill Nature Reserve was like, with this small site often being visited by one of my favourite bloggers, Steve Gale, who has an excellent blog called North Downs and Beyond
When we arrived, for the 1st 100m, nothing was seen bar a single late Whitethroat which was beside the Glyn Playing Fields. Further on, having seen nothing else bar 30 odd Crows, a small bird flew out of a bush into the field, where it showed for 5 seconds, being a female Redstart. A half-decent bird to see here, and something of interest! It promptly flew off, over the playing fields.
After this, not a single bird was seen afterwards except a pair of Meadow Pipits which flew overhead. When heading back, an odd white-winged Crow landed on a tree a far way off. Other than that, it was fairly quiet. 

Yesterday I had a nice surprise. Whilst wicketkeeping at my home cricket ground Cheam Sports Club, I turned around and a small starling-sized bird landed on the pitch about 20m away. I turned back for the next ball, where I noticed it fly across the pitch, with the tell-tale white rump on the back showing clearly. Once the game ended, and the drizzle ceased briefly, I went outside (camera-less) to see my Wheatear; it was a male, which pleased me even more! I got a few poor pictures of it with my phone and a quick video proving what it the drizzle and wind picked up again.

Wheatear at Cheam Cricket Club - I declare the worst video on Blogging history!

Today, 2 Meadow Pipits flew over Wilson's School, towards Roundshaw Downs and a Buzzard flew high over. Not a bad week, considering I've not been birdwatching!

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