Friday, 18 August 2017

Cornwall - Day 2, Lantic Bay & Day 3, Lansallos. 10/11th August 2017

With it being a nice, sunny day for a change, we walked around our local coastline - Lantic Bay. With it being such an incredible year for seabirds, I was hopeful to add something to my woeful seabird list - this doesn't even include Guillemot or Gannet! When we left, there were Swallows overhead everywhere and a Corn bunting sat on a hedgerow beside the fields. There were a few fields especially good for butterflies, with Meadow Browns, Heaths, Ringlets, Gatekeepers, Blues, whites and a possible fritillary as well. Two buzzards circled, one juvenile which persistently hovered over the cliffs, which made me stop for a second as I knew Rough-legged Buzzards hover more.

Meadow Brown


Meadow Brown with an odd right hindwing. 
We walked on, past a group of cows when I heard a cracking sound which I had never heard before, but a sound all-too-easy to know. Finally! For the next half an hour 2 male, 2 juvenile and 1 female Stonechat were seen along the walk.

m Stonechat

m Stonechat

m + juv Stonechat
A Yellowhammer, 2 Whitethroat and a Lesser Whitethroat were also seen. On the coast were a group of Shag and Cormorant, lots of gulls and a diver sp. which flew along the coast, but I couldn't identify it. Eventually 2 Common Seal swam towards the rocks too. A male Sparrowhawk spooked nearly everything at one point. 



Common Seal

m Sparrowhawk
After going further on, my sister spotted a small bird which appeared to be 'flycatching' at the top of a tree. However, it does just look like a Chiffchaff. 


My sister was on a role, and then spotted this warbler from about a mile away but it also looks like a Chiffchaff.
There was also a moth which I got a rubbish picture of. 

Later on in the afternoon, we went to a beach at Polkerris where a Kestrel attended to a nest on the cliff, a few Buzzards hung around as did a few Raven.

Small White


(hovering) Buzzard

With Friday being a crap, rainy day, there were barely any highlights bar a 5 second return of the hawkmoth and a few Yellowhammer. 

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