Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Cornwall - Day 7, Rame Head Peninsula, 15th August 2017

The last day in Cornwall was spent in the village of Kingsand and the Rame peninsula. With a 5 hour journey back the day after, we settled for staying closer rather than going to St Ives. We reached Kingsand for about 11, where we hung around for a bit. I spotted a few Tern a fair distance off the coast, and also a small pack of Dolphins. 

juv House Martins
When we arrived at Rame, a Willow Warbler popped out and a few Linnets flew off. After talking to a few Coastguards, we walked on and saw 3 Raven, 9 Gannet, 2 Fulmar, 2 Shag, 3 Cormorant and 4 Swallow. A possible Dartford Warbler avoided being a first for me, and a pair of Goldfinches fed on thistle. A family fishing party of Gannet dived distantly. 

When we started to walk off, a Lesser Whitethroat flew along a hedge and obviously another Stonechat appeared. 

Meadow Brown

juv Stonechat
There were plenty of Linnet, and butterflies with 5 Wall Brown, common species and a single fritillary which flew by rapidly. As we reached a clearing, I heard a bird singing and spotted it from the top of a hedge. A nice surprise with a nice voice was a Cirl Bunting, also a life tick. I saw several in Spain last year (an incredible week in Aracena - north of Sevilla- was very rewarding with 99 species seen.) After a few seconds it flew over us, towards dense scrubland. 

Cirl Bunting
Fortunately, 3 Swift flew overhead - some of the last of the year. At one point this little beetle scampered across the path. 

Bloody nosed beetle?
As we crossed a field, another Whitethroat evaded the camera. On the church this caterpillar was climbing up the wall. 
White ermine moth caterpillar?

When we left, a Kestrel was hovering very nearby and dived and hate something - it was hardto tell what, but looks like a cricket?


Kestrel and ex-cricket?
A nice last day in Cornwall. With a 5 hour journey back, there was bound to still be something to see!

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