Monday, 21 August 2017

Cornwall - Day 6 +7, Padstowe and Looe

With it being a cold, damp day, we hung around for a bit then went to Padstowe for a little while. Nothing spectacular; a few Turnstone were knocking around and a whole pile of gulls were on the islands. I've always found gull ID tricky, and there was a gull which looked small in comparison to the rest of them, which I've left in. I'd appreciate any help with the ID.

friendly Robin



gulls etc.
The day after was pretty dull, and we only went back to Looe for a bit where the local birds were around. 
Little Egret

Little Egret
However, 2 surprises happened afterwards. Firstly, when we left the town about 3 km on I spotted 3 Egrets fly low over the road into the fields, then up and North. My initial thought were Cattle Egret,and 2 were seen near Bodmin the following day. Nonetheless, they could have been Little Egrets flying towards the river so I'll have to wait to add that record - the first for Beddington Farmlands only hung around while I was here! Secondly, in an evening journey a Tawny Owl flew very low across the road and a possible Nightjar also flew above the car in front of us. 
The last day, before our journey back was to Rame Head Peninsula, where I hoped to see some good birds. 


  1. Hi Arjun, nice gull pic. You've got two juvenile Herring Gulls, an near-adult Great Black-backed Gull and five Mediterranean Gulls (one adult winter, one second- winter, one juvenile moulting into first-winter and two which are obscured but look like an adult (just the bill showing) and possibly another second-winter with a darkish looking bill).

    1. Thanks Peter, nice to get some Med Gulls.